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After using other shave machine from other manufacturer, I decided to try this machine, buying result more cheap than blades for the other machine, due to get used to the electrical shavers, my skin quickly adapted to this Kleen Kut, first days I see the difference: soft skin, no cuts, battery lasts for seven days, all wonderful, but, passing the months I discovered that I had to use twice at day, if I forgot it the hair grows in excess, having to use the accessory first, sometimes hurting my skin, the other day forgot and left charging more than 4 hours and then the battery autonomy begins to get lower, so that in each use had to charge until a half of hour before. And don't forgot clean after each use or the cut hair get inside all the shaver, overall the wet, causing the electrical circuit get corroded and sulfated, at same cause the power switch also fail. Then I disassembled the shaver and discovered total disaster! bad smell from inside! wet hair and spilled-broken nicd battery, conclusion: get to trash. I still keep the nose hair cutter, still works.

Some advices:

- Wet: Not wet! Use only in a clean and dry face and environment.

- Clean during use: until twice in each use if you let grown more hair.

- Use frequently, don't let grown much hair because this don't work in long hair, have to use the accessory or scissors.

- Don't let charge more than 3 hours, is the only way to conserve battery life.

- And the best advice: as I did return to traditional shave machines, mine is now the famous that has 3 blades and moving head and replaceable, and only has to shave one time to day.

Review about: Kleen Kut Wet.

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